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The Chicago Area Faculty Development Network

Getting to know you...Getting to know all about you...

No, it's not The King and's CAFDN and YOU!!!

The Chicago Area Faculty Development Network (CAFDN) would love to have you join us to talk Faculty Development!

Network’s in our name…and networking is our game…our business…and our joy. We’re like the faculty development version of “Glee”…a group of talented and ambitious academics in search of strength, acceptance and ultimately our voice by joining a Faculty Development “Club”.

Getting to like you...Getting to hope you like me...

Come join us in our first gathering of the year where we make connections, trade strategies, share resources, discover what we’re all “up to,” and explore new paths together.



Friday, November 14th, 2014
9 AM to NOON

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology - 4th Floor
325 North Wells Street, Chicago, IL

*Please RSVP by 11/12/14 to

Would you like to become a CAFDN member? CAFDN is composed of members from both 2- and 4-year schools, public and private, throughout Chicago and its surrounding communities. A membership invoice is attached. Institutional memberships are $125, which includes participation in meetings and access to resources as well as opportunities for any faculty or staff member to attend our spring external speaker presentation.…an excellent investment and an exceptional value.

Stay tuned to the CAFDN channel for more exciting stories, like our big Spring Event (typically March or April).

Be part of the “Glee-ful” experience.

Putting it my way, but nicely,
You are precisely
My cup of tea.

Why join CAFDN?

In its 15 year history, CAFDN has created an identity that focuses on people and pedagogy-building a knowledge community-while acknowledging and including systems and technologies that sustain them.

CAFDN offers:

•   Valuable networking opportunities with other faculty developers for a continuous stream of ideas, sharing and improvement to our craft

•   Free attendance for an unlimited number of participants from your school at all CAFDN events

•   Cost sharing for presentations by nationally-known speakers

•   Invitations to teacher-related presentations by member institutions

CAFDN is a non-profit consortium of colleges and universities dedicated to promoting the improvement of college teaching by providing a convenient and affordable way for professionals to exchange information and best practices in the field.

CAFDN has been in existence since 1996. Our membership includes faculty development professionals from all types of schools throughout our area, covering the full range from community colleges to research universities. We have found it most helpful to learn from each other not just despite, but also because of, the differences of our institutions. The diverse requirements of our home campuses have allowed us to look at issues from new perspectives and develop a profound sense of collegiality.

Over the years we have debated every important topic that faculty and institutions of higher learning are facing: From effective grading practices to interdisciplinary teaching, from active learning to the role of part-time instructors, and from faculty evaluation to learning communities.

If you want to participate in our activities and meetings, please contact:

Jacqueline Callery
CAFDN President
Center for Teaching & Research Excellence
Chicago State University
Tel.: 773-995-2586

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